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They are often called "silver fillings" or "silver amalgams" but these metallic fillings are about half mercury and are a major source of mercury exposure for everyone who has them. But "regular" dentists often pooh-pooh the risk -they are seriously wrong to do so - and they are not trained and equipped to remove them safely enough. We can help you find holistic dentists in your state and province and help you with the common questions that come up: choosing a dentist, preparing for safe amalgam removal, dental material choices, issues involving crowns, bridges, root canals, fluoride and more. Let us mail you a DAMS information packet and receive an information guide (20 pages) and a list of holistic dentists in your state or country. Tell us what your dental or health concerns are and we can often e-mail back information that pertains to that. Click on the request link below and please fill it our completely.

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Poisons that are often used in dentistry!

The following toxic elements are used in dentistry: Mercury (makes up half of every amalgam filling) Copper (in amalga…

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factsheetThere are may ways that dentistry may affect health. they include the toxicity of mercury, the hazards found in toxic crowns, the hazards of root canal treated tooth, jawbone disease and "cavitations," proper tooth extraction, detoxification and fluoride. We are continuing to add articles to this web site in order to make more and more information directly available to you.

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