Poisoned by Mercury Fillings & Seeking Solutions?

DAMS exists to help you get the information you need to understand the problem of mercury amalgam fillings and get help to recover from mercury poisoning.

These so-called “silver” fillings are actually 50% mercury – the greatest source of mercury exposure for the adults who have them. They are also a major source of global pollution, with the dental industry putting about 4.4 tons of mercury into the environment each year.

As the oldest nonprofit group educating the public on this issue in the US and Canada, we maintain a vast library of books and scientific papers documenting the hazards of mercury and amalgam fillings. For those who seek to consult a mercury-free, mercury-safe dentist, we can provide referrals.

For amalgam filling removal MUST be done with elaborate protections in order to prevent further mercury exposure problems. Our information guide covers this topic in great detail, along with other critical information every mercury-harmed individual should know, including:

  • Choosing a qualified mercury-free, mercury-safe dentist.
  • Choosing the best replacement materials.
  • Safe detoxification methods.

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DAMS is a 501c3 tax exempt educational organization. Contributions to DAMS are tax deductible.

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August 31, 2014

DAMS is a tax-exempt educational non-profit organization helping educate people in the US, Canada and elsewhere on th…

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Discussing the Dental – Health Connection

What we offer you:
Explanation of what the dental mercury problem is
and the need for safe amalgam removal
Discussion of dental material choices
and how to choose from among them
An information packet to study and keep as reference guide. The info packet would include our DAMS list of practitioners, coaching you on choosing a suitable "holistic" dentist and much more.
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Documentary: Evidence of Harm

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