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Membership is the first and most important way to support DAMS and to keep in touch with DAMS, getting its future newsletter. You do not have to feel alone and isolated ever again!

Become a member of DAMS and receive our newsletter, Dental Truth. Memberships are normally $25 for a 12 month period, but $15 or $20 or whatever you can afford is probably going to be fine.  Give more, give generously if you can. Remember, DAMS is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, so contributions to DAMS are tax deductible. You may call DAMS at 651-644-4572 to join and pay by credit card over the phone or you may mail in a check or money order or provide credit card payment information through the mail.

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Comment, post, and share frequently there. Help spread the word about dental dangers of toxic dentistry; tell others about this web site and how to call or e-mail DAMS to request an information packet and to ask questions.

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