DAMS Mercury Fact Sheet #6

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Oral Effects of Dental Amalgam

  1. Mercury is the most toxic substance people are commonly exposed to and is known to bioaccumulate in the bodies and brains of people and animals that have chronic exposure.
  2. Mercury amalgam dental fillings are the largest source of mercury in most people with several dental fillings. Such individuals may have 10 times as much mercury in excretion as the average person without amalgams, and these mercury levels decline by 90% after amalgam replacement.
  3. Amalgams leak dangerous levels of mercury due to mercury’s negative vapor pressure and oral galvanism with other metals in the mouth. The level of daily exposure commonly exceeds the U.S. EPA health guideline for daily mercury exposure.
  4. Mercury vapor given off by amalgam fillings accumulates in tooth roots, gums, jawbone, and oral tissue at high levels. Some of this accumulation is visible and called amalgam tattoos. The number of amalgam surfaces has a statistically significant correlation to the level of mercury in saliva, oral mucosa, and brain.
  5. Metal crowns over amalgam cause even higher levels of accumulation of mercury in the oral cavity than amalgam fillings alone due to oral galvanism and EMFs.
  6. Those with amalgam fillings average at least 5 times higher levels of mercury in saliva than those without amalgam. Eating, brushing, polishing, or drinking hot liquids can cause 10-fold higher levels of mercury release. Replacement of amalgam fillings reduces levels of mercury in saliva approximately 90%.
  7. Bacteria in the mouth and bacteria and Candida in intestines methylate inorganic mercury to highly toxic organic methyl mercury and mercaptans involved in bad breath.
  8. There is consensus among dental researchers that amalgam fillings are responsible for common systemic oral effects such as amalgam tattoos, oral galvanism, oral lichen planus, “metal mouth,” etc., and that replacement of amalgam fillings usually resolves conditions such as OLP.
  9. Some of the oral conditions documented to be caused by amalgam fillings include gingivitis, bleeding gums, bone loss, mouth sores, oral lesions, pain and discomfort, burning mouth, “metal mouth,” chronic sore throat, chronic inflammatory response, lichen planus, amalgam tattoos, autoimmune response and oral cancer.


Documentation of this information is available from DAMS at amalgam.org.

DAMS is currently working with thousands of people in the U.S. dealing with serious health effects caused by exposure to mercury from amalgam and urges everyone to find out more about this major problem and to get involved in resolving these health safety issues. DAMS can provide information and help to anyone who is interested or who thinks they might have health problems related to their amalgam fillings.

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