DAMS Mercury Fact Sheet #12

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Health Effects from Electromagnetic Fields Exposure (EMF): The Mercury Connection

  1. Reviewers for a comprehensive EMF risk assessment by the California Department of Health Services have determined that it is highly likely that EMF causes some forms of cancer, along with chronic neurological conditions such as ALS, Alzheimer’s, and depression. They also found a significant likelihood that EMF causes cardiovascular problems and increased suicide.
  2. Medical and epidemiological studies have found strong evidence that EMF exposure causes some forms of cancer, along with neurological conditions like ALS, Alzheimer’s disease, depression, etc.
  3. One mechanism by which EMF causes these immune and neurological conditions is the fact that EMF has been found to cause significant increases in release of mercury into the body of those with amalgam dental fillings, and that mercury has been documented to cause all of these immune and neurological conditions. Electromagnetic fields are known to induce current in metals and would increase the documented effects of galvanism.
  4. Amalgam dental fillings have been documented to be the largest source of mercury in most people who have amalgam fillings, with common mercury exposures above government health guidelines.
  5. Most people get significant exposures to electromagnetic fields (EMF) from computer monitors, televisions, microwaves, other appliances, and power lines. These exposures have been found to significantly increase release and excretion of mercury in those with amalgam fillings.
  6. EMF is also documented in animal and human studies to cause cellular calcium efflux and affect calcium homeostasis, which may be a factor in the reduction of melatonin levels caused by EMF exposure in animal and human studies. In studies on chicks, this had significant adverse effects on viability of embryos and chicks. Melatonin is known to be protective against mercury and free radical activity, as well as regulating the circadian rhythm cycle and sleep cycle. EMF exposure lowers melatonin production and disrupts the sleep cycle. Another study provides evidence for an association between occupational electromagnetic fields and suicide. The authors indicate that a plausible mechanism related to melatonin and depression provides a direction for additional laboratory research, as well as epidemiological evaluation. Occupational exposure to higher levels of EMF have also been found in many studies to result in much higher risk of chronic degenerative neurological conditions such as ALS, Alzheimer’s, and depression, as well as leukemia and cancer.
  7. Since EMF causes increased mercury exposure in those with amalgam, and mercury is also known to cause these conditions, the relative importance of the factors is not clear, since the studies were not controlled for mercury levels or number of amalgam fillings. But many suffering symptoms from EMF exposure/sensitivity have improved after amalgam filling replacement.


Documentation of this information is available from DAMS at amalgam.org.

DAMS is currently working with thousands of people in the U.S. dealing with serious health effects caused by exposure to mercury from amalgam and urges everyone to find out more about this major problem and to get involved in resolving these health safety issues. DAMS can provide information and help to anyone who is interested or who thinks they might have health problems related to their amalgam fillings.

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