About DAMS

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“DAMS” stands for Dental Amalgam Mercury Solutions. DAMS is a 501(c)3 tax exempt nonprofit organization founded in 1990 for the purpose of educating the public in the US, Canada and anywhere else on dental amalgam mercury hazards and other ways that dentistry can affect health.

With an office located in St Paul, Minnesota, USA, DAMS provides information and list of knowledgeable practitioners (mostly dentists) to those seeking help with mercury amalgam-related illness and related oral-systemic health concerns. In addition to the issues around mercury toxicity and healing from amalgam-related illness, we also educate on other critical dental problems, such as root canals, jawbone osteonecrosis (“cavitations”) and fluoride.

The usual starting point for getting such information is the request of a DAMS “information packet” which is normally mailed to you if you are in the US or Canada. People elsewhere are usually sent information electronically, via e-mail, if at all possible in order to save postage costs. Wherever you are, place provide you full name and mailing address. If you don’t tell us, we cannot know where in the world you are. We provide the information packet and other information, whether by mail or electronically, for free, although we appreciate your contributions. … So call us at 651-644-4572 in the US, or e-mail us at <dams@usfamily.net>. Tell us about your dental and/or health issues so that we can respond in the most helpful, most targeted way.

We also provide  information through our printed Dental Truth newsletter, the printed books and the DVDs we sell, as well as through this website.

Our current executive director is Leo Cashman.

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